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Customize your benefits

Choose your cash back schedule

Would you like your cash rebate to be deposited monthly, quarterly, or annually? It’s your choice with our new rewards program. You can also decide to redeem your points for top-tier merchandise, concerts, vacations, and more!

Visa Rewards

When you have an America First Visa, you hold in your hand the ability to purchase items almost anywhere in the world. Our credit cards also come with such perks as free identity theft recovery services, Card Guard® mobile security, and customizable images.


With America First Rewards™, you’ll earn points* on every purchase you make with your Visa rewards or cash-back credit card. You can easily view your point balance at any time via online or mobile banking.


You can then redeem those points for items such as:

  • Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Electronics
  • Events
  • Travel
  • And much more!


Click here to see all the rewards you can earn simply by using your Visa card.


For cash-back cardholders, 100 points equals $1, and you can decide if you want your rebate to arrive monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Don’t have an America First Visa yet? Sign up today and start receiving the rewards you deserve!

  • Existing Visa Platinum Cardholders: Call 1-800-999-3961 and talk to us about switching to Visa Rewards today.
  • Visa Classic Cardholders: Apply online for a Visa Platinum card.
  • Members without a Visa Card: Apply online for a Visa Platinum card.
  • Or apply for membership and your America First Visa Platinum card.


*Points will expire after five years if not redeemed for cash or rewards.

You've Earned the Rewards

And you've made a solid financial decision with America First Visa Cards.