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Cash in the New Year

For a limited time, when you consolidate your high-rate credit cards into one easy & affordable America First Visa® payment, we’ll give you 3%** cash back! Apply online today.

**Eligibility, terms & conditions apply. Available on approved credit. Click here for details.

Cash Back

The America First Visa Platinum card is designed for you—literally. It comes with a variety of perks to enrich your life and you can personalize how your card looks.

Plus, no matter which America First credit card you choose, you will always get:

  • No annual fees
  • No balance transfer fees
  • Identity Theft Recovery
  • Chip-enabled (EMV) fraud protection
  • Card Guard ® 
  • Exclusive discounts to local stores & events
  • ABC Deals®
  • Mobile Wallet


It's easy to see why you should apply for an America First Visa Platinum card, so click the button below and take advantage of its low rates, high-tech security, and its variety of perks—all designed with you in mind.

Identity Theft Recovery

Peace of Mind Now Comes Standard

Members with America First Visa® credit cards automatically have access to our identity theft protection services at no cost.

You may also purchase additional recovery services to meet your specific needs. Learn more here.

Have you outgrown your available credit?

If you’re a responsible member who regularly pays off a Visa® balance every month, but frequently find the card maxed out, it may be time to increase your credit limit. This will give you more spending flexibility and can help cover big expenses, such as a new vehicle or an extended vacation. Click below to choose a limit that better fits your situation.


When you choose Visa® Platinum from America First, getting a lot is just the beginning. Take a look at our different incentive options.



  • Earn one point for every dollar you spend
  • Redeem for cash back, gift cards, travel, merchandise & more
  • No annual or balance-transfer fees
Low Rate

Low Rate

  • No introductory or teaser rates
  • Exceptionally low rates
  • No annual or balance-transfer fees

Get More From Your Visa

No gimmicks, no surprises, just a straight forward low rate and more of what you want from your card

Current Discounts & Offers

Current Discounts & Offers

Using your America First Visa® credit card brings plenty of perks, such as:

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect ™

With America First's Picture Perfect Visa, you can design your own credit card, complete with a personal picture that tells your story.