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SpeechAccess is telephone banking that connects you to your America First account anytime, anywhere ... just by using your voice.

As long as you're near a telephone, your finances are at hand. You can even apply for a loan and receive an instant decision, simply by giving us a call and answering a few questions asked by our automated system. Just say your account and personal identification (PIN) numbers, then start speaking. For example, say:

"Transfer $30.00 from savings to my checking please.
Has check number 1-2-2 cleared?
What's the payoff balance of my Visa?
What's my last payroll deposit?"

It's fast, it's easy, and it's guaranteed you'll never be put on hold. View our comprehensive list of shortcuts to learn more.

SpeechAccess is friendly and personable - you'll really feel like you are talking to a person. Call SpeechAccess today at one of the following numbers:

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to take advantage of this FREE service is your account number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), and any type of phone. Simply call any of our SpeechAccess telephone numbers, and speak naturally to perform your account transactions and inquiries.

SpeechAccess is safe and secure. You can rest easy knowing you have a direct connection to your credit union. If you are uncomfortable in speaking your account number and PIN, you may enter either one using your touch-tone keypad. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for additional information.

We are constantly improving its ability to understand you. Sometimes SpeechAccess may have trouble identifying your voice. Loud background noise or music can also make it challenging for SpeechAccess to understand you. Speak clearly in a normal voice, and if SpeechAccess can't understand, it will assist you by asking you to repeat the phrase or offering alternate touch-tone options.

The following is a list of shortcuts currently supported by the system:

  • All my balances
  • Checking Account balance
  • What's the payoff balance of my line of credit?
  • Has check number 1-7-9-7 cleared?
  • What checks have cleared?
  • I'd like a Visa History?
  • Last payroll deposit
  • Last deposits
  • Last withdrawals
  • Check card clearings
  • Has a charge for $25.00 cleared?
  • Has a check card purchase for $10.00 cleared?
  • Transfer $50.00 from my savings to my checking
  • Transfer $25.00 from my checking to account 1234567
  • Pay off my Visa Platinum
  • Make my loan payment

As you get more accustomed to using SpeechAccess and want to skip instructions or prompts, just interrupt SpeechAccess by saying your command. Also, you can say "help" at any time for more detailed instructions or "main menu" to return to the beginning or SpeechAccess.

Your Voice is our Command

SpeechAccess Telephone Banking gives you 24/7 account management via our secure system.