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America First Credit Union’s ABA/routing number is 324377516. This number is part of the information needed for electronic payments from one financial institution to another over the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. You’ll also need your 12-digit account number for an ACH transfer, which can easily be found in online banking. Simply log in, choose the specific account you’re transferring to or withdrawing from, and click the unhide icon to reveal the full number.

Click below for instructions on how to correctly set up individual types of payments.

A fast & secure way to get recurring payments, such as paychecks, directly in your account. Click here for simple set-up instructions.

Click here to see how you can receive electronic transfers and have withdrawals made.

Need to make an America First loan payment from a different financial institution? Click here for details.

Send & receive guaranteed funds to individuals and companies around the world. For domestic and international wire transfers, click here.