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The easiest way to pay

Forgetting to pay a bill is always stressful, especially if you’re charged a late fee. With bill pay, you can set up automatic transfers or make one-time payments and they’ll always be on time. To enroll, log in to online banking or use our free mobile app, then click on the bill pay link.

With Bill Pay, you can schedule one-time or recurring payments for services such as:

  • Internet
  • Utilities
  • Rent
  • Phone
  • Daycare providers
  • Cable & satellite TV
  • Much more

Electronic bill payments are more secure than checks or cash and they can be delivered to almost any recipient in the U.S.  

Choose online bill pay from America First and paying your bills can be almost enjoyable!


To use bill pay, you must have an active America First checking account, line of credit, or zero-limit debit card, a valid email address, and reside in the United States. Transfers occur as soon as the following business day. Next-day payments for many non-electronic payees are also available for just $15. For more information about the service, please review our agreement.

Tax payments and court-ordered payments may be scheduled through the service; however, they are discouraged and made at your own risk. 

Business Bill Pay

Starting on Thursday, November 9, 2023, you will access this service simply by logging in to America First online banking and clicking the Business Bill Pay tab.

Billers and scheduled payments will transfer over automatically. However, business owners that have granted Bill Pay access to other users will need to set up this access again. To accomplish this, log in to your account, click Settings, select Authorized Users, and then Add a New User.

America First's premier Business Bill Pay service is FREE and it's been redesigned for quicker speeds and user-friendliness - just like Online Bill Pay for your household!

Current Business Bill Pay users login now. Existing America First Business Account holders enroll now. Or, open an America First Business Account today, and begin using the service.

The benefits of Business Bill Pay are:

  • Save time & money
  • Be more secure with electronic bill payments
  • Pay invoices to any company, person, or organization in the country
  • Pay multiple invoices to vendors with a single check
  • Set up multiple authorized users with controlled security levels
  • Attach invoice information and credit memos to your payments
  • Make payments of up to $50,000 in your business' name
  • Reduce the number of paper checks
  • Pay multiple vendors at one time


For more information, please read our Business Bill Payment Agreement and Disclosure.

Restricted accounts are not eligible to use Business Bill Pay. Tax payments and court-ordered payments may be scheduled through the service, however, such payments are discouraged and must be scheduled at your own risk.



Frequently Asked Questions

When you first begin using the service, set up your payee list by adding the payees to whom you want to make payments. You only need to add each payee once. When you make a payment, you specify the date that you want the payment to reach the payee. After a payment is scheduled, it appears as Scheduled in the "Payment Activity" section. After we begin to process your payment, the status changes to Processed. The payee receives your payment and credits your account.

No, you do not need to contact your payees if you use this service. We send each of your payments with your payee account number and payee information, so the payees are able to credit your account appropriately.

When you schedule a payment you specify the date that you want the payment to reach the payee. The payment is processed 4-5 days prior to this date. The funds will be withdrawn from your account on the due date.

After the payment date, check the "Payment Activity" to see if the status of the payment is Processed. If the status is Processed, then the payment has been sent to the payee. You can also check to see if the funds have been withdrawn from your checking account. For example, review your checking account history through Online Banking for the withdrawal. Or you can call the payee to see if they received and credited the payment. Sometimes it may take the payee a few days to credit your account.

If the payment is not credited in a reasonable amount of time, take the following steps to resolve the problem:

  • Wait five days after the scheduled payment date to see if the payee credits the payment to your account.
  • If the payment is not applied to your account, call the payee's Customer Service department to see if they received the payment and credited your account. When you call, gather information from the payee (i.e. name of person assisting you, phone number, amount of late fees, etc.).
  • If you have received a late fee but scheduled your payment on time, ask the payee if they will waive any late fees or finance charges.
  • If the payment is not credited to your account or if the payee will not waive late fees, find the payment in the "Payment Activity" section. Click "View" in the Payment column, then click "Inquire about this payment" to send us a message that includes the information you gathered from the payee.

Online Bill Pay determines if the payment will be made electronically or by check, based on whether the payee accepts electronic payments and other guidelines. For example, some payees, such as individuals, cannot receive electronic payments, so a check is printed and sent to the payee. Whether a payment is made electronically or by check, the payment is processed to reach the payee on time.

When you receive your America First statement, the payments made through Online Bill Pay will appear as a Bill Payment even if Online Bill Pay sends a paper check to the payee. In some cases the paper checks are drawn against your payment account. When this is the case, the payments will appear on your account statement just like your other checks.

An e-bill (electronic bill) is an electronic version of a paper bill that you can view online through Online Bill Pay.

If you are trying to automatically enroll in Online Bill Pay and you're account is not in good standing you will need to contact the e-Support department at 1-800-999-3961 to be able to enroll in Online Bill Pay. If you are trying to enroll in Online Bill Pay using a business account you will need to visit our Business Bill Pay section to take advantage of our Business Bill Pay services.

For your security, you will be automatically logged out of Online Bill Pay after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you are not finished using Online Bill Pay simply log back in through the Online Banking System.

Since bill pay resides on a separate window, the Online Banking screen can not monitor your activity and will display the warning message after periods of inactivity.

You'll (Almost) Like Paying Bills

Use free Online Bill Pay and make your schedule a whole lot less hectic.