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Get cash back for many purchases you're already making with free ABC Deals. Just use your America First Visa® to buy and money is automatically deposited every month—there's no limit to the amount you can earn. Offers appear in online banking and on our free mobile app.

Simply activate, buy, and collect!

Click the ABC Deals button on mobile banking or use online banking and look for the ABC Deals link in your Visa and checking account transaction histories. Then simply select the offers you like.


Swipe, dip, or tap your America First Visa cards at the merchants where you've activated offers to automatically earn rewards for your purchases.


After each transaction, the money will be automatically deposited in your America First savings account each month. You can view your earnings at any time in online or mobile banking.


Learn more about ABC Deals and its many benefits by:

Frequently Asked Questions

They give you cash back for selected purchases you're likely to make. Personalized offers appear on your account inside Online Banking. All you have to do is activate the offer, buy with your America First Visa® Debit or Credit Card, and collect your cash. It's as easy as A,B,C. We'll deposit your monthly total in your Savings Account for you. Plus, there's no limit to the cash back you can earn!

No, if you have an active America First Visa Debit and/or Credit Card, we'll make it available to you.

Yes. It's just one of the many benefits of Online Banking.

All Online Banking users with America First Visa Debit and/or Credit Cards are automatically enrolled.

Deals are tailored to you and the more you take advantage of them, the more you'll earn. Simply activate those offers you want. When you buy, using your America First card, your cash-back bonuses will begin to accrue.

Your ABC Deals summary appears on the right-hand side of the overview and account history pages inside Online Banking. Click 'View All Offers' to see what's available for activation, those activated and redeemed, as well as specifics for each, including expiration dates. Offers will be labeled as new until you activate them. Once clicked, an offer is active. When you buy using your America First card, you'll earn your cash for collection.

Offers must be activated to view their details. There is no penalty for not redeeming an active offer.

No. In addition to the savings you'll see through ABC Deals, you will also earn 1% cash back on your Visa purchases if you are enrolled in that program.

No, there are no coupons to clip and no codes to remember.

Each deal has an offer period set by the retailer, restaurant, or service provider. Offers must be redeemed before the expiration date, which can be found in the details section.

Yes, if you have an applicable Visa card along with that account.

Yes, as long as your name is on your America First Visa for that account and you activate and buy offers with this card, you'll earn your cash.

No. The security of your information is of the upmost importance to America First. We do NOT disclose any account information to our vendors. For ABC Deals, our partners set up the parameters of the program and America First matches the offers to qualifying accounts.

If you would like to discontinue ABC Deals, select the 'Stop receiving offers' link.

Money earned prior to opting out will be credited to your account. You will not receive future offers unless you re-enroll in the program. If your account is closed before a deal is credited, it will be forfeited.

It's simple. If you opt out but change your mind, choose the enrollment link on the ABC Deals section on the right-hand side of your main Online Banking page, or call 1-800-999-3961.

No. Once an offer is active, it's valid until it is redeemed or expires.

Cash is paid on the 25th of the month after you buy the offer. If this is a Saturday or Sunday, we will post the funds on the next business date. For example, if you earned money in July, the funds should be deposited into your Share Savings Account on the 25th of August.

Send us a secure email from inside Online Banking or contact us via 1-800-999-3961.

Another Benefit of Membership

ABC Deals provides offers directly to your Online Banking account. When you take advantage of them, we'll deposit cash back directly to you.