Getting Started With Quickbooks is Easy


Access your America First business accounts directly using QuickBooks software. Unlimited FREE connections using your QuickBooks software saves you, and your company, valuable time and money.

To see which version of QuickBooks is right for you and your business, visit the QuickBooks website.


  • Download account information in seconds using QuickBooks
  • Automatically reconcile transactions
  • Transfer funds within your America First Business Account

Setting Up Your Accounts

Getting started with QuickBooks is easy. You'll need your America First Business Account Number, PIN, and our routing number 324377516 to setup your account.

Begin the Online Banking Setup Interview by selecting "Online Banking" from the "Banking" file menu option. When prompted for your account number, enter the account number in the following formats:

Account Type Format
Savings XXXXXX-X.1:SHR
Money Market Savings XXXXXX-X.7:SEC
Checking XXXXXX-X.9:CHK
Loan 1 XXXXXX-X.1:LN1
Visa Platinum XXXXXX-X.6:VPL

Have questions? Visit the Quickbooks and Quicken FAQs.

QuickBooks for Business

We provide free and unlimited connections to the information that drives your company.

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