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Finally -- A Convenient and Cost-effective Solution for Providing Health Benefits

Why HSA-eligible high-deductible plans are a great solution:

  • Control expenses- Generally, monthly premiums are significantly lower for both employers and employees.
  • Your team comes first- High-deductible coverage puts your employees in the driver's seat, letting them manage their care.
  • Healthier, happier employees- Highly focused on prevention, these plans can help create a more productive workforce.
  • Tax-benefited structure- Health insurance may be coupled with HSAs, operating much like cafeteria plans. Funds are deposited pre-tax into your employees' HSAs.
  • Less hassle- Unlike a cafeteria plan, Health Savings Accounts are solely run by employees, creating far fewer administrative tasks.
  • Peace of mind- Your employees will take comfort in knowing HSA resources are theirs and will follow them if they change jobs, retire, or find different coverage. Also, they don't carry use-it-or-lose-it clauses. Funds roll over yearly and continue earning dividends tax-free.


Why America First is the top choice for HSA needs:

  • Affordability- We offer no-fee Health Savings Accounts to everyone. After all, why should you pay to save for your medical visits?
  • No minimum-balance requirements.
  • We are not limited to a single insurance carrier. As long as you have a high-deductible plan, you are eligible to take advantage of an HSA.
  • Premier service- From implementation to everyday transactions, we will assist you every step of the way. And we work with employer groups to ensure a smooth enrollment process.
  • Multiple funding options and account-opening methods.


To open HSAs at America First Credit Union, employees must be members or meet eligibility requirements to join. Our membership accounts and HSAs are available online or at our branches.


Employer Contributions

There are convenient ways your employees' Health Savings Accounts can receive contributions:


By check- include a spreadsheet with each employee's name, his or her HSA number, and the funds breakdown. Mail directly to:


Deposit Services
America First Credit Union
P.O. Box 9199
Ogden, UT 84409


Automatically- for automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, please provide this information to your financial institution:


  • America First routing number: 324377516
  • HSA account number: (for example, 24356781
  • Account type: (checking, savings)


Employer HSA Contributions and Reporting


  • Monitor if the employee is enrolled in your high-deductible plan and determine if he or she is covered by any other employer-sponsored health insurance that renders employer HSA contributions ineligible.
  • Track employees' ages to determine catch-up contribution eligibility.
  • Satisfy comparability rules for employer contributions.
  • Forward HSA contributions to the applicable financial organization.



  • Report employer and employee HSA contributions made through a cafeteria plan on the applicable W-2.


Taking Care of Your MVPs

America First understands any business' most valuable resource is its team of employees. We provide Health Savings Accounts so employers can make sure their team is on solid financial footing.