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Every business runs and operates differently, which is why America First offers a suite of financial solutions to meet all your needs. Whether you’re a brand-new start-up, a large corporation, or a non-profit organization, our products and services are a sure way to keep your company running like a well-oiled machine. Here are some examples of companies and businesspeople who have benefited from using our services.


"I knew we had a great product and that we’d be able to sell whatever we could produce. We just needed to find a partner who believed in us as much as we did and could help us finance an expanded operation. And luckily, we found that partner in America First Credit Union."


"Overall, America First just feels the same way we do about people. We’re family here, and we do everything we can to make our customers feel like family. America First’s members are also all family to each other, and they try to do the best they can to help one another get what they want out of life."


"With America First, I get that personal connection and service. When I have a problem, I can call them and know I’ll get help. I can pick up the phone and call a specific person I know and have a good relationship with."


"We were a new company, and there’s always risk in loaning money. But America First saw the growth we’d already experienced, and that we were maintaining a good cash position, and within just a few days they gave us the loan to buy our truck."


"With America First, it’s a breeze to take care of our payroll and direct deposits, and the website and apps make it easy to keep track of our checking and to pay our bills. And I don’t have time to go to our branch every day, so I love being able to just make deposits right here from the shop."


"That partnership with America First has been incredible right from the beginning. They’ve given us the freedom to pursue our dreams and to grow our business and they’ve also given us the expert guidance to help us do so in the smartest way possible."

Business Visa® Platinum

America First Business Visa® cards are accepted almost everywhere. Apply today so you can gain the spending flexibility, security, rewards and reporting you need to take your business to the next level.