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Premium Checking from America First

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Premium Checking isn’t just another checking account—it’s the future of personal finance, and it’s going to forever change the way you look at checking. To start, it’s loaded with perks, services, and features. It gives you all the flexibility and convenience of America First Classic Checking, and it also saves you time & money, helps you keep your personal & financial information safe, and A LOT MORE! The best part is, Premium Checking is just $6 per month but it gives you more than $135* worth of valuable benefits.

premium checking available now for just six dollars a month.
Account Features

Account Features

First and foremost, we’ve built Premium Checking around an unbeatable collection of core checking account features, including:


  • No low-balance fees
  • Unlimited monthly transactions
  • The buying power and worldwide acceptance of an America First Visa® debit card
  • Access to a nationwide network of over 35,000 free ATMs
  • Card Guard® mobile security
  • The ability to earn up to 600 America First Rewards point per month
  • Extra savings & cash back with ABC Deals® 
  • Exclusive local deals & discounts
  • Monthly dividends


Premium Account Payback

Premium Account Payback

Every month you can earn up to 600 America First Rewards™ points by combining Premium Checking with select other America First products and services, like a low-rate auto loan or Signature Visa credit card. Each qualifying product you take advantage of automatically raises your Premium Checking account’s level and increases the amount of points you earn.


  • Redeem your America First Rewards points for cash, merchandise, travel, event tickets, and a lot more
  • The higher your account level, the more points you earn
  • Pair Premium Checking with an America First Cash Back or Rewards Visa card to earn points even faster and with no limit
Identity Theft Protection

Identity Protection Suite

With so much of our personal & financial information living online, having strong security in place is essential to keeping you, your family, your good credit, and your online reputation safe. That’s why with Premium Checking you automatically get:

  • Fully managed identity theft recovery for you, your children, and your parents
  • Access to a team of professional privacy advocates
  • Access to credit, dark web & social media monitoring
  • Access to three-bureau credit monitoring and daily TransUnion credit reports
  • Email & text alerts for suspicious activity

Estimated Monthly Value*:

35 Dollars
Mobile Phone Protection

Mobile Phone Protection

Most mobile phone protection plans will usually cost your family at least $40 per month, but Premium Checking includes insurance coverage for every mobile phone you own. That coverage includes:


  • Accidental damage
  • Mechanical failure
  • Theft


Each claim can cover up to $850, minus the $50 deductible, and there’s no limit to the number of claims you can file each month or year. What you save every month on phone coverage alone could probably pay for Premium Checking several times over.

Estimated Monthly Value*:

40 Dollars


CouponzDirect can help you declutter your wallet, save time, and make the most of every dollar you spend. CouponzDirect automatically loads any available digital coupons and other offers directly onto your loyalty cards for your favorite local and national stores. That means it’s a cinch for you to:


  • Save money just by shopping where and how you normally do, including retailers like WinCo, Smiths, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, and many more
  • Save time by not needing to clip coupons and search for online deals
  • Save yourself a lot of hassle

Estimated Monthly Value*:

25 Dollars Plus
Shopping Saver

Shopping Saver

Shopping Saver is your access to thousands of money-saving deals at local and national retailers, including exclusive discounts on dining, shopping, travel, movies, services, events, attractions, and more.


  • Quickly & easily find deals where you live, work, and travel
  • Premium Discounts include deep deals like 50% off and 2 for 1
  • Everyday Savings help you stretch your money further

Estimated Monthly Value*:

25 Dollars Plus
ATM Fee Offsets

ATM Fee Offsets

With Premium Checking, we’ve made it even easier to access your money whenever, wherever you need it. If you incur fees from America First for withdrawing cash from out-of-network ATMs, Premium Checking offsets those fees by returning an equal amount to your account in the form of America First Rewards points, up to $10 (1,000 points) per month. This offset only applies to the fees assessed by America First, not those charged by other financial institutions or ATM owners.

Estimated Monthly Value*:

Ten Dollars
Discover the Premium Checking Difference

Discover the Premium Checking Difference

All of that is just the start of what you get with Premium Checking. We could go on, but we’d rather let you try it for yourself. We’re pretty sure that once you’ve experienced everything Premium Checking has to offer—for just $6 a month!—it will become your go-to account for life.

Total Estimated Monthly Value*:

135 Dollars Plus

*Estimated monthly value is based on current market prices of comparable services and/or programs & products. Phone coverage cost is based on a family of four with four mobile phones. No cash value is implied with use of this account or any of its features.

Want Premium Checking at No Cost?

You got it! We will waive the cost of Premium Checking every month you meet all three of these requirements:


  • Have a direct deposit into your account of at least $500
  • Complete 20 or more transactions with your Visa credit or debit card
  • Maintain an average daily checking balance of at least $1,500

Premium Checking FAQs

Want more information regarding Premium Checking or Classic Checking? Visit our frequently asked questions page. For additional information, or to speak with a member service representative, please call 1-888-476-2143 or visit your local branch.