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America First Premium Checking is more than just a regular account. It comes with a host of features and benefits that will save you time and money—all at one low monthly cost. Take a look at our side-by-side comparison below to see all you can get by choosing Premium Checking.

Checking Account Comparison - Premium and Classic Checking

With America First checking, our members come first. Once you have an account, you can immediately take advantage of such benefits as:

  • Unlimited transactions – Make deposits and withdrawals whenever you want
  • Competitive dividends – Earn money from your balance
  • ATM withdrawals - Grab some quick cash without fees at machines nationwide
  • Direct deposit - Securely receive your paychecks on time
  • Card Guard® – Control how, where and when your Visa® cards are used
  • FICO® - Check your credit score simply by logging in to online banking

Premium Checking is now our preferred checking account for members, but if you’d like Classic Checking, please let us know via online banking chat, call 1-800-999-3961, or stop by your local branch.


*Use America First Rewards™ points or qualify for the cost waiver. **Premium account levels earning America First Rewards points are gained by utilizing select products & services. Any stated value is an estimate based on current market prices of comparable services and/or programs & products. No cash value is implied with use of this account or any of its features.

Money Market Checking

A money market checking account allows you to earn investment-level dividends while retaining quick access to your funds.