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Open a Ladder Certificate Account Today!

Ladder certificate accounts offer long-term rates while retaining access to a portion of your money.

The most popular ladder option has five certificates in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- & 5-year terms. When each account matures, it renews to the longest ladder term. After five years, you’ll have five certificates, and the highest dividends, with one maturing every year.

You can start by logging in to online banking and clicking Open a Certificate Account in the Quick Links box, or you can visit any America First branch, call Member Service, or use secure chat in online banking.



You can ladder your certificate accounts in different terms and different number of certificate accounts if you prefer. For example you could ladder 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month Certificate Accounts with the goal of getting consistent 9-month rates while retaining 3-month flexibility on a third of your money.

Saving is Essential

From putting aside funds for a rainy day to long-term investments, America First has the product for you, no matter your life stage.