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Automatic deposits, increased benefits

If you know a large expense is coming up—such as a family vacation, your spouse’s birthday or the holidays—a dedicated savings certificate makes it easy to start planning now. America First offers competitive dividends and flexible terms, so your funds will earn more as your goal gets near.

With dedicated savings, you pick the deposit amount as well as the term, and the money is automatically transferred each month—it’s a simple way to save. Your dividends can go directly to checking, money market, share savings—or you can roll them back into the certificate and enjoy the benefits of compound interest.

Plus, you can easily sign up for dedicated savings in person, over the phone, or by logging in to online banking, selecting Settings, choosing Additional Services, then clicking on Open a Certificate Account.

See how quickly your deposits can add up with a dedicated savings account from America First.

  • Low-risk, high-yield investments
  • No minimum opening balances
  • Competitive dividends
  • Terms from three months to five years
  • $10 monthly minimum automatic deposit
  • Contribute up to $10,000 per month*
  • Federally insured up to $250,000
  • Automatic renewal options
  • Regular & IRA options

*Limited to $100,000 total in one or multiple dedicated savings accounts.

Saving is Essential

From putting aside funds for a rainy day to long-term investments, America First has the product for you, no matter your life stage.