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Take decisive action with fraud text alerts from America First Credit Union. These notifications are quick, easy & effective, giving you additional financial control. We’re happy to offer this service for free, because protecting your resources is our first priority.

If we detect suspicious use of your America First credit and/or debit card, we’ll send a text message to see if transaction is legitimate. Just reply yes or no.

Do not click any links in text messages claiming to be from America First that ask you to verify fraud.

If you reply with yes, the transaction will proceed as usual. If the answer is no, your Visa® card will be canceled and we’ll mail a new one. We will not call you for verification after you’ve replied to the text message. However, if you have questions, please contact us via secure online banking chat or call 1-800-999-3961.

Fraud text alerts are a fast & secure means of account monitoring and there’s no action required to receive them. The service is already enabled and provided without a cost to all America First Visa cardholders. These messages will come from the sender AFCU FRAUD or the short code 28799.

If you don’t want notifications, simply reply with STOP or CANCEL.